Young Farmers Style Polo Shirts Customize

Young Farmers Style Polo Shirts Customize


Prices for a group order will vary and the larger the quantity the cheaper they will be (each)!




You can customize almost everthing on our polo shirts...

1. Choose the clube you would like along centre

2. Choose the logo you want to use

3. Choose the colour polo you would like

4. Choose if you would like the item embroidered or printed (Printing is the cheaper option)

5. The quantity and sizes you would like.

6. If individual members names or slogans are to be added to the polos


Our polo shirts can be printed with your design choice, we are a small country business who understand the value of The Young Farmers, However, Smokeless UK polo shirts are not in anyway conected to the Young Farmers "Brand" 

How to move forward...

Send us an email with all the detail of what you would like on your polo shirts. Let us know quantities and we can give you a free quote. If you are unsure of the design we can send you a Digital Design before purchase.


We have a range of polo shirt qualities, prints & colours avaialble to buy for any size group.



Any question just send an email to our helpful team.


Price quoted on this listing is an example price and is for 1x Printed Polo, always contact us before making a purchase of this nature.