Red Stag Reactive Hardox 500 Target Life Size

Red Stag Reactive Hardox 500 Target Life Size


Red Stag Life Size Reactive Target Hardox 500 Steel - Bolt on antlers

Hardox / AR500 Steel Shooting Target  

Suitable for all firearms except 50 calibre and above.

MATERIAL ? 10.00mm thick Hardox 500 abrasion-resistant steel, with a nominal hardness of 500 HBW with guaranteed impact toughness!

Measures.  2190mm tall x 1212mm wide. 150mm kill zone. Bolt on antlers so it can be a hind or a stag. 

Please note the targets (and stands) do not come powder coated as standard.They are supplied in natural finish and can be easily painted and repainted in a colour of your choice with a rattle can. We have only powder coated the sample kit for promotional purposes. 

We can supply the target in any colour powder coat if you so wish for an extra £15 per item

 AR500 is exactly the same as Hardox 500 ? it is simply a name. The crucial part is the 500 section as this dictates the Brinell hardness ? this is what stops the bullet piercing the plate! This hardened grade of steel plate can only be processed using a CNC plasma table and associated cutter, due to the hardness of the material. We can manufacture any bespoke silhouette or reactive targets you require so please contact us for a quote. You can see the extent of our range of targets within the eBay shop under Hardox 500 or Shooting Targets. 

Why use Hardox / AR 500 as a shooting target? Please watch the video below as it shows exactly why. 


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