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Release Pen Rectification

As the season nears once more, our thoughts head towards that of the birds welfare and location within the grounds. Most importantly where they are going to spend the first few weeks after arriving. The release pens are the go to locations, for obvious reasons, and provide shelter for the young poults in the hostile environment which surrounds them.

The storms and bad weather that occurred towards the start of this year caused a lot of issues with my pens and the surrounding woodland. Not only did my largest pen get crushed by one tree another landed on the other side causing a massive mess to my, once lovely, release pens. Fortunately the other two survived with only a few near misses and no serious damage. Being a rough shoot no cover strips are drilled making it extremely hard to find the correct locations for the pens, leaving the only choice to the woodland we are surrounded by. 

I recently cleared and rebuilt the pens which took a lot of time and effort as you can imagine. The main issue was clearing the two, fairly large, trees off the pen to start with. But thanks to to trusty chainsaw and stupidly sharp machete they didn’t hold much against me. After a bit of ingenuity (bodging), brute force and half a million cable ties a small team of us managed to bring a new life to the pen once more, lifting it back up to its former glory. 

Even the strongest of pens can’t hold up to a 40 year old tree unwillingly smashing down onto it. I suppose that’s just one of the perks of building pens in old pine forests and not in open cover crops. The electric fences are still due to be put up but I believe it’s best to wait until the birds arrive, limiting the possibility that the endless amounts of deer we have could get tangled before the season starts. 

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