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Pre Season Musts!

The season is now upon us so I’d say I’m somewhat slightly delayed with this post. But busy times call for a tight schedule and with my ducks now eating twice as much as I ever could (even on Christmas Day), I’m struggling to keep up with the feeding even with the auto feeder running at full chat!

Where do I start. Well I have set the rides out for the birds recently and ladened them with wheat which has been vigorously pecked and scrapped at over the last few weeks. These work well for holding the birds, in-fact just as well as the trusty feeders. Though if you don’t have time to spare then the birds will soon beat you to it. The auto feeder I invested in earlier on this year is still rattling away on the flighting pond, though my once lean ducks now seem to have an urge not to take off. The first shoot we have this weekend will be full of ankle high ducks eager to get back on the feeder and carry on with their banquet.

So far this year we have had less issues with deer as well. Usually they cause no end of problems with feeders being knocked over and wheat being stolen, but with our freshly staked and wired upgrades the deer are no match.

Prior to the first shoot I have also been keeping a stern eye on where the birds seem to be moving, in the hope that on the first shoot we can aim to drive them in the correct direction. Hopefully this will prove worthwhile and present us with some sky high pheasants later on this season. Roll on the first day.....

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