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My golden rules for crow decoying

My personal view with corvids is that there eyes and bigger than there brains. They are a bird that can decoy very well one day and the next not come within a country mile of you the next. This could all be thanks to one thing being out of place. When a corvid does decoy it can make for a great bit of sport. These are a few thing I have picked up on over my time shooting that are my golden rules for decoying corvids that I try to stick to every time I go out decoying them.

  1. Watch the birds, were their feeding, how their feeding, where the flight lines are or ask someone that might know (like the farmer or land owner) that might know how the birds behave in that field.

  2. Find cover somewhere thick to build a hide.

  3. Keep things natural when building a hide make it blend into the cover, there’s no point doing the first two if you don’t do this.

  4. Put the decoys in a “random” pattern a few here and a few there. I never put them more than 35 yards away and I tend to put some quite close to the hide about 5 yards away. From watching the birds I tend to put the decoys out in a big area mimicking their natural behaviour with large gaps around them for incoming birds to aim for.

  5. If a fallen bird doesn’t look quite right go out and pick it up and put it in the pattern or out of sight this is a must as they will never come in if there is a big belly up.

  6. Keep covered up, ever wear a hat or a face cover but hide as much skin as possible, the birds will very quickly spot a face in the hedgerow from a mile off.

  7. Keep as still and low in the hide as possible same with decoying any bird but especially with corvids and those sharp eyes.

  8. Stay safe, don’t put yourself, your dog or anyone else at risk.

Happy shooting.

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