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Hand loading

I’ve been hand loading for just over 10 years now and have built up an extrnsive knowlage.

You may wounder what’s the point in hand loading?

In my view loading your own ammunition is an exciting experience, but my main reasons are I like to do as much for my sport myself as I can, I can taylor a load to suit my firearm be that rifle or shotgun.

It inproves the accuracy through tayloring the case, primer, powder and head.

Also cost per loaded round works out a lot cheaper than factory ammunition.

And the satisfaction of it working in the field is only something hand loaders know

There is also the fact that as i load my own there is no panick if the local gun shop hasn’t got a good variety in stock or is out of stock when your low or out.

A few hours at the reloading bench will keep you going at any hour and any day.

Tighter groups taylored to a particular rifle in my eyes means a clean ethical kill, witch any hunter should thrive to deliver.

With hand loading repeatabilaty and uniformity is the key to accurate ammunition.

This can be as a few measures same make brass, same powder charge and same bullet seating depth.

Or you can go deeper into the reloading by neck turning primer, pocket uniforming , and flash hole deburing, sorting by weight the brass and checking loaded rounds for uniformity and tight tolerances.

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