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Cartridge... my views anyway...

I feel it’s so important to believe in your cartridge choice. Confidence is such a big part of shooting, I believe that in your mind the bird should be dead before you have even pulled the trigger. I have used a lot of different cartridge and choke combinations and some have worked and some really haven’t, but it’s all trial and error. At the moment I’m using the Eley pigeon HV 32 gram 6’s there a hard hitting cartridge that have been preforming well. I have been using a 3/4 chock through my semi but going to switch back to a 1/2 for a bit and see how it goes. I want to find a 5 shot that I like and trust but haven’t yet but haven’t tried that many 5’s, so that will come. I don’t feel this this is as important when shooting clays, but the conference is still a big thing so I don’t tend to worry about what I’m using I guess what ever is cheap with a fibre wad as I don’t shot with plastic wad I don’t think it’s needed and a waste of plastic in my mind and most farmers that I know don’t want bits of plastic laying around the fields ever.

Happy Shooting.


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