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A Day Out With Decoys

Before the season comes around I like to get out and have my fair share of pigeon shooting over the fresh cut barley and wheat. Pigeons make for great sport and an even better day out especially in the good weather which has been consistently maintained for the past few weeks.

So far this year I have opted for a small 12 decoy pattern on the edge of these fields and it has worked a treat. Due to my lack of fancy equipment I just tend to add to the pattern as the birds drop. The strong winds my area has experienced recently made these already challenging shots even more tricky due to the fact that the perception of speed and distance gets thrown as the lightening quick pigeons look a lot slower.

My last day started off well, birds decoying in from over my head toward the pattern placed on the field edge proving that good sport is maintained throughout the year. Making sure that I was focused at all times also proved a bit tricky as I suddenly noticed the pigeons were actually landing amongst their not so convincing plastic counterparts. As the pile of plastic shells grew and my radio was being blasted with calls from another gun the other side of the field I realised that I probably hadn’t prepared myself for a bumper day.

A few hours passed and the movement slowed. I decided to pack up early and end on a good note as the early pheasants we had delivered needed feeding and my dogs most certainly were waiting for their tea at home. I plan on embarking on plenty more of these decoying days before the season commences making sure that i keep the eye in and the freezer full.

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