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28 Bore Bravery

During my immensely short shooting career so far, I have become fondly attached to my 28 bore. I’m not sure what it is, the weight, size or all round precision which makes this gun a blast to use in the field. 

I’ve been asked many questions about this before but is it really worth going for a 28 bore when there are other, quite possibly, more usable guns on the market. Other than the needle like accuracy and recoil which feels about as popping as a spud gun, the 28 bore is certainly capable of taking those nippy partridges and pheasants some other calibers may not be able to. 

The feather light gun makes for a quick swing, allowing for a nippy reaction to that early partridge flush you had been waiting patiently for. After a quick squeeze on the trigger and the slight brush of a kick to the shoulder it’s all over, as if you had just shot a dud cartridge.  Though unlike the loud boom of the 12 bore the 28 gauge has a raspy twang to it, turning heads in the beaters line as you embrace only the quickest partridge. 

Though the small caliber does come to a slight disadvantage with range, you have to make sure that the selective picking of birds is perfect. The sheer precision that this small but mighty caliber calls for allows for a, quite frankly, blast of a day in the field. It brings a whole other level of accuracy and selectivity to the sport challenging even the best of shots on a fairly standard days shooting. 

Although utilising a smaller caliber such as this can be quite challenging, it is also good to get out and practice on the clays first. Tighter and smaller shot patterns mean that a clean kill is harder, and no one wants the bird to suffer after a drive. As I went straight to a 28 bore moving onto a 12 gauge was effortless, the accuracy I had acquired allowed for some of the higher well presented flushes to become bread and butter. If you’re considering a smaller caliber, I would highly recommend it. Not only do those long walks on rough shoots become easier due to the reduced weight, but your precision becomes more pronounced and it brings even the easiest of shots a new lease of life.  

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